New on Lolland-Falster

New on Lolland-Falster?

Already on your way to settling here on Lolland-Falster

or just considering moving to our region?

Our network is ready to welcome you and your family, together with our local ambassadors.

Help to find pages relevant for you 

For practical or cultural questions before or after getting here - ask our LF international Ambassadors.
They are local residents that either have an international background or native Danes with an international mindset.

You are also more than welcome to post your questions in our Network group on Facebook.

For more formel issues related to settling in either Lolland or Guldborgsund Municipality, respectively, we have listed different websites, brochures and contact informations, including the municipalities international consultants, in order to provide you with all the basic and practical information you need in while here.

At the bottom of this page, we have listed other webpages that are usefull to know.

Lolland Municipality 

Learn more about settling on the island of Lolland on the New on Lolland website and in the Welcome flyer International - and new to Denmark made by Lolland Municipality.

If you are a part of a family with children, Lolland International School, could be interesting for you.

In addition, you are always welcome to contact their international contact person, Julia Böhmer, and address any questions related to settling into Lolland.

Julia speaks Danish, English and German.

You are very welcome to text, call or write to her.


Julia Böhmer

Phone: +45 51 79 12 93


Guldborgsund Municipality 

Unfortunately, there is no English version of the municipalitys homepage.

However, by using google translate you may anyway  be able to learn more about settling in the municipality using the website Guldborgsund Kommune and the welcome page (in Danish) Vores Guldborgsund made by Guldborgsund Municipality.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for help! 

Useful websites:

For general guidelines and introductions about living in Denmark, we will suggest you visit the following websites: