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You sign up by filling out the contact form stateing that you want to become a member. You will then be added to our member list and receive e-mails about our events and activities.

Membership in LF international is FREE!!!

However, some activities and events involve refreshments, entrance fees, meal expenses, eg. which you will have to pay for as decided by the co-hosts.

Personal Data Protection

When you sign as a member you agree to inform us about: 

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However, some of the information is optional to fill out. Your data is safely stored and we do not share the data.
We ask these questions in order to collect knowledge about our target group and improve the services we provide for internationals living and working on Lolland-Falster.
Moreover, the contact information is used for sending reminders and practical information prior to events and in some cases to share presentations etc. after events.

In some cases the information is used for making name tags and participant lists for events.

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