About us

Our Vision 

- We bring internationals on Lolland-Falster closer to each other and the Danes

Our vision for Lolland-Falster international (LF international) is to create activities for international employees, their partners, and their families to discover what a wonderful area Lolland-Falster is to live and work and thus help to attract and retain international talent in our region.

LF international is an initiative aimed at welcoming international employees and their families to Lolland-Falster, introducing them to social networks and activities around the area through our network.

We organize different activities and events for internationals and accompanying families throughout the year.

In addition, we offer to answer questions about the area both pre- and post-arrival through our ambassador team of local expats, all being part of our LF international network.


   - We are part of QLF, but our own               

LF international is a Quality Lolland-Falster (QLF) initiative of local women who strive to show the rest of Denmark what a great and attractive place Lolland-Falster is to live and work.


LF international was established in 2015 by a strong initiative on QLF by funds from “Landdistriktspuljen” under control of The Danish Business Authority, in order to establish a local network for internationals living and working on Lolland-Falster to support our local companies, who wish to attract,         

welcome and retain international talents and their families. 

QLF is known, through different events and their big network for women driven by a voluntary board, to take part in the effort to further develop the region as an attractive area in which to live and work.

Today, our international network is run as a separate group under QLF,

but unlike the QLF network, it is for everyone, not just for women.

          Like QLF,  LF international is a non-profit organization driven by volunteer efforts.

A hope for the future is to be supported by funds provided by local, regional, and national agencies, companies, and sponsors.

The Team

- Who are we?

The network is run by a little group of strong women from Lolland, who have a strong desire to contribute positively to helping others move to and settle on Lolland-Falster.


The daily network management is carried out by Tanya von Rosen,

that herself has the experience of moving to the area and having to establish a new home.

Tanya von Rosen

Network Manager

QLF Board member